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[EPUB] Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – Volume 1

Hi, Miracutor here! Nothing much. This EPUB probably last for this month. I have exams next month… Forward to the novel page!

And also congrats to Confused Translations for completing the Volume 1 of youzitsu! Looking forward for Gamers too!

If you are wondering why I am use abbreviation ‘youzitsu’, it is because that how this novel Twitter account’s username. I am sure err… @you_zitsu …? Isn’t it?

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[EPUB] Gamers! Volume 1 is finished!

Yo, Miracutor here again~! As I promised a few days ago, I finished the EPUB for Gamers! by Sekina Aoi. Please refer to this page to download the EPUB. Here. Ahh, can’t wait for the anime version of Gamers to come out this summer!

…Sadly, I had nothing more to say. Err… Thank you for whoever reading this. 🙂

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Small update! 2 novels added.

Hi, Miracutor here! It’s a little update from me. Just now, I added two novels in my ePUBs creation list. The first one is Gamers! that its Volume 1 translated by Skythewood as teaser. (I hope not through!) I still had finished the ePUB yet through… The second one is Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Ability Doctrine (Short: youzitsu) that right now Volume 1 translation ongoing by Confused Translations. The translator did a good job! So fast~! I recommend you to check out the translation website to read the novel. When the translator finish the translation of Volume 1. I will post the ePUB here. Anyway, thanks for reading this. …If someone who actually read this. Ha, ha, ha.

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Finally! The blog is finished!

Hello, I am Miracutor, the author of this blog. This blog is about… Sorry, even I don’t what is the blog about. Well, let say in this blog, I will do what I want!

I planned to do EPUBs for novel translations for time being. Usually, I done it myself for my self-reading. So, I upload and put it here from now on. Please don’t spread the download links. If you want to share, just share the blog URL address.

I already put Blacksmith and Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! epubs so, who is interested please go to their respective pages.