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[EPUB] Is it Tough Being a Friend? – Volume 5

Miracutor here! I finally, finally finished complied after a year! πŸ˜‚ The actually process actually only took a few hours through… I just found myself some time to do it.

Also I updated the stylesheet that I have been using for all of my EPUBs so I am also will be updating older EPUBs with new stylesheet. No promise when that actually will happened through.

I will upload the rest of translated volumes when I have time. I also have created some EPUBs for other series that I will add soon… probably? 🀣

Also, this just reminder. I just created the EPUB, not the translator itself. Please go to the translator website that linked on the series page or introduction page in EPUB if you want to contact the translator for the some reason. Ah, but please contact me if you have complain with my EPUB.


Volume 5: Link

Anyway, as always, please don’t share links. If you want to share no matter what, please share using this post link instead! Also, support the author by buying the translated volume!


An aspiring author and also a computer science student that wholeheartedly loves Japanese light novels, manga and anime.

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