[GN] Volume 1, Chapter 2, Part 2

[WARNING: This part is unedited yet.]

Chapter 2: Alone Chitose and Woman’s Dark Side

Part 2

Karasuma Chitose

[The text in here is not real text. It just copies prevention. This might appear anywhere.]

My voice is echoing in the living room. “Oh, Gojo-kun! How sad to see your salary is just this much!”.

I lost in thought for a while. When I am back, I finish the cake and drink my hot milk to calm myself. With this bitterness of life, at least the milk should be sweet. Really… Even I try to run from reality, it keeps persistently chasing after me. What ‘it’ is? Is it my fan? Ha, ha. That’s means I’m popular!

That’s how I tried to twist the words and run from reality. But even with that, these numbers will not change. The Indian, Mr Popo and numbers never lie, after all. [1]

[It’s been ten years since the Sky Wall Disaster.]

After a few empty sighs, I compared my payslip with Gojou-kun’s. Ah, even Gojo-kun’s salary is low, he is a corporate slave. So, this amount is standard for him. Easy to be said, because Gojo-kun is a corporate slave, the money will come in even he had barely done any work. Let alone half of the social insurance is paid by the company. But he just as a subordinate, just why…

That’s the difference with seiyuu. If there is no work, that equals no money. I also must pay social insurance by myself. But this is… normal. Seiyuu could be classified as a single owner. So, in the earlier slip, there is not even mentioned ‘salary’. This paper sent as a reward from the customer, Number One Produce to a single owner, Karasuma Chitose.

But there are also seiyuus who had been treated as a company worker but most of them are single owners… Maybe. Yes, that’s right. I don’t really have many seiyuu friends… well, forget that for a while.

[In order to open Pandora’s Box,]

Speaking of a single owner, it sounds like I am at the position of president, director representative, CEO and director manager at the same time. That’s good if it really likes that. But the truth that shrouded by those words is it just the fact that I must take all the responsibility by myself.

This is the condition of Karasuma Chitose before the match starts. If it rains, the one who will be the substitute player is me. Setup man is also me. The reliever is also me. [2] Based on hit order, start from a pitcher, clean-up at third base is me, the first baseman is also me.

Start with Designated Hitter(DH) until the right fielder is also me. In addition, I am the manager that will say at the last, “Okay, I am the substitute hitter!” The baseball manager, the owner, the player. All of them are me.

With that horrible line-up, I also compete in a ‘voice league’. Even after winning against many rivals, that alone still not guarantee anything. Say, even if the popularity gained, that boom can just end in a blink of an eye.  That usage cycle really fasts like Pino from a baseball game, Family Stadium. [3]

[which contains an immense power that could destroy the world,]

Really rough the competition in this ‘voice league’. Win or lose; All depends on yourselves. Everything is my responsibility. There is one more thing that restricted and not going in a way that I’m hoping for. My unrealized ideal salary and my unclear schedule. It reached the point that I couldn’t even do any planning. As long as I contacted this company, I can’t do work as I want.

This is the biggest restriction. Even bypassing that, that still doesn’t mean we can do work as we like. But, but, if the thing is like this, maybe there is not a job in the first place…

Weird, but I’m a single owner. Keep calm and stay patient. Right now, I should think carefully. I rolled back my body on the sofa and attempt to reorganize my earlier thought logically. If the things explained logically using syllogism, it will be like this:

[a new battle now begins!]

[I, Karasuma Chitose is a seiyuu.]

[Seiyuu is a single owner.]

[That means I’m an owner.]

[So, I’m Master. Abbreviated as WataMasu.]

(Watashi = I, Masuta = master)

[I’m going to keep walking tonight.]

Based on these, I’m a watamasu seiyuu. But there are not found any signs that I will be like a Cinderella. Even an offer with million sales or concert also unavailable. I start to question myself, am I really a watamasu seiyuu? Gojo’s salary is terrible, like mine.

I’m still a student. We blessed that we still supported by our parents and could live in this apartment. I was not supposed to say this but it is okay that I could live in an expensive apartment near Shinjuku city without any problems. If this is rented a house, even Gojo’s salary has enough to pay, I will have to bear its hot temperature.

[Moving on straight ahead.]

But we understand that this support will end when I’m graduating from college. We must do something. Withholding to that spirit, I stare back to Gojo-kun’s payslip. All right! As a low-income citizen, I will renew my pledge. After this, I will not go shopping at Seijo Ishi Supermarket, instead, I will go shopping at Mai Basuketto Store.

I will keep my balance money and start to save money. The pocket money that Gojo-kun give will I keep one per third of it. When I busy pressing the calculator to calculate the budget, I released. Eh! Weird! From a college student’s perspective, I can be said to have quite a lot of money.

[Leaving only a single set of footprints ahead of me.]

Suddenly, my smartphone vibrates. After looking at the screen with a confused feeling, I push notification for the LINE app and a message pop out.


I will back a little late. No need to prepare food this night.


Gojo-kun has been cold to me lately. Even in the studio, he wouldn’t talk to me. He must think that he need to be stricter with his own sister. His attitude is the same as a boy like to bully the girl that he likes. Nice plan, Gojo-kun. Well, what I’m going to do, he just loved me too much. Gross. Oh well, I know he is working hard right now. Maybe I should be kinder to him?

[It seems so vast, but I get the feeling that you’re out there.]

You must be tired, right?! Do your best at work, okay!!

[Waiting for me somewhere.]

I make the cutest smile while typing the message. But this alone not enough. Only my text can be conveyed. He can’t see my smile. So, in the place of that, I will take a photo and send his disappointing payslip.

If things like this, he will eager to work and after that, he can get a salary increase. I can live without worry! Also, if others with working hard, I also will feel eager to change. That’s good! Okay. I will do my best starting tomorrow!

[With a smile never fades]

I will set the things that I thought a previous month, last week, yesterday and today as my point of change. Today with that pledge, I sleep while rolling on the sofa.


[There you will]



  1. An Indian idiom that said native India is not a liar is really popular in Japan. Mr. Popo is one of the characters in Dragon Ball that not a liar.
  2. Every position in baseball.
  3. A character from a baseball video game.

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